Do you love waiting on hold and being stuck to your phone and limited what you can do? Does it feel like 2 hours when really you were only waiting for 10 minutes? Callback is your answer!

Just press a digit, while waiting in queue, and BAM you are off the phone and doing the laundry, helping kids with homework or just relaxing while eating lunch. You are no longer attached to your phone and needing to have it on speaker while trying to multitasking hoping that you can hear a representative once they get on the phone. This will hold the customer’s place “in line” and the customer will receive a call back when a representative is available to assist them.

The time it takes to answer is a very common cause of frustration for customers and an annoyance to call centers. During peak times, you may not have the ability to answer a call within seconds due to the higher volumes. The callback feature can provide a very satisfying customer experience and be cost efficient.

This feature can improve customer satisfaction by providing an alternative to waiting on hold. This can liberate the caller from waiting in a queue and allow them to opt-in to receive a callback and get back to their life.